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Collaborates worldwide with healthcare organizations and related stakeholders providing strategic, sustainable solutions and achieving results by providing a diverse range of services that are customized to meet the needs and goals of our clients

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We partner with healthcare organizations to improve the quality and safety of health services

“Our consultants are seasoned specialized experts in Quality Healthcare Solutions”

Regionally based and able to provide our services in the language and customs of our clients. They are seasoned healthcare professionals with practical experiences and skills providing comprehensive advisory services

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Accreditation preparation

Desarrollo del Marco de Licencia para Programas de Rehabilitación

Review of Health Quality

Continuous Improvement and Performance Monitoring

Six Sigma Methodology

SISTEC Program and Belgium Technical Cooperation (Susalud)

Quality and Patient Safety

Improve healthcare quality and ensure patient safety

Quality Improvement and
Cost Reduction

Improve Quality and Reduce Costs

We assist healthcare organizations to achieve results by improving and optimizing patient safety and quality of care through hands on consulting, detailed reports with improvement plans, and innovative tools

Latest News

June 14, 2019

INCOR Started Its Journey to JCI Accreditation

The National Cardiovascular Institute (INCOR)  has started its process of preparation for Joint Commission International Accreditation. The National ...

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February 19, 2019

Joint Commission International Accredited Ricardo Palma Clinic for Quality and Patient Safety

QRI collaborated with Ricardo Palma Clinic in preparation for JCI accreditation and implementation of the quality standards. Ricardo Palma Clinic (CRP), ...

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