Transforming healthcare through information technology innovation

Today Information Technology is an inseparable part of the healthcare process.  The rapidly changing healthcare landscape has created a need for healthcare organizations to integrate healthcare information technology (HIT) into all of the clinical, administrative and logistics processes.   Our clients benefit from our HIT consulting experts to establish and incorporate the latest healthcare technology into broad organizational performance improvement strategies that provide them a competitive edge.

Our consultants will deliver expertise in the establishment of cutting technology that will impact on data sharing, care coordination, patient engagement and operational analytics. Organizations must have interoperability in documentation, clinical, financial and operational systems.  Our services include:

  • Health information systems and technologies needs assessment
  • IT architecture and functional planning consulting
  • Development of M (mobile) health and E-tools for quality in healthcare
  • Design and development of disease-specific E-tools
  • Evaluation, design and automation of clinical, administrative and financial processes