Our consultants are proven leaders in establishing Quality Healthcare Solutions

QRI consultants are dedicated to improving the healthcare environment, patient experience, and clinical effectiveness of the organizations we serve. They support institutions to develop global strategies and operating models by collaborating with chief executives, senior management and clinical leaders in redesigning healthcare systems to improve clinical outcomes, efficiency, and the value of the services delivered to patients.

Our consultants are regionally based in order to provide advisory services in the language and customs of our clients. Serving a variety of healthcare clients, including the public and private sectors, we promote our consultants’ diverse skill sets, backgrounds, and values by enabling and leveraging their experience and expertise to help healthcare organizations achieve and exceed their goals.


Claudia Blanco

Bogota, Colombia

Gregory Ciottone

Boston, MA USA

Elsa Durán

Bogota, Colombia

Gaston Gabin

Buenos Aires, Argentina

José Agustín Galeazzi

Mexico City, Mexico

Liza Haj Hassan Varouqa

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Dejan Jovanovic

St. Louis, USA

Juan C. López Vivanco

Mexico City, Mexico

Hector Mario Mejía

Bogota, Colombia

Tatjana Misic

Washington DC, USA

Sari A. Nabulsi

Midland, Texas

Anavel Pamanes Ortiz

Monterrey, Mexico

Victor Hugo Primc

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Alberto Recolons

Barcelona, Spain

Penaretha Rosas Armenta

Monterrey, Mexico

Oscar Sánchez

San Jose, Costa Rica

Marc Satorras

Barcelona, Spain