Desktop market review of quality assurance landscape in 20 selected countries

Country: Multi Country
Client: International Finance Corporation (IFC)-World Bank Group
Date: 2019
Status: Complete

Project Description

This project was to support International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group and the largest global development institution focused on the private sector in emerging markets, to further promote much-needed improvement of standards of Quality and Patient Safety in the health sector in developing countries.

The objective of the project was to make the relevant information available for the key decision makers and to support them identify problems and implement the best solution and to consequently Improve quality and patient safety and raise health care quality standards in selected countries and regions.

A team of QRI experts provided a comprehensive guideline on healthcare quality assurance and provide a better understanding on how quality assurance in the health service delivery  functions in the selected countries in Latin America, South and East Asia, Middle East and North Africa.

What We Did

  • Provide an understanding of the core health service delivery dynamics in focus countries
  • Provide an understanding of the healthcare Quality Assurance and Patient Safety environment, including relevant regulations, supervising bodies, levels of compliance, key challenges
  • Identify current levels of formal quality certification or accreditations relating to the health sector, including the private health sector

The study included information about:

  • Overview of government policy, process and supervisory bodies and local regulatory requirements for QA such as licensing requirements, medical staff certification, requirements for medical facilities construction etc.
  • local standards and approaches use for healthcare QA and patient safety
  • Insight into how many public and private entities have some form of formal accreditation
  • Role of insurance companies in promoting quality assurance and patient safety

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