Continuous Improvement and Performance Monitoring

Country: Uruguay
Client: Federación Médica del Interior (FEMI)
Date: 2012-2014
Status: Complete

Project Description

Multi-hospital and ambulatory clinic programs to implement measures for continuous improvement and performance monitoring of medical service quality for Federación Médica del Interior (FEMI), a public / private health consortium that provides services to 33% of the country’s population. Its hospitals range in size from under 30 beds in remote rural areas to over 400 beds in urban areas.

What We Did

  • Educational seminars taught participants methodology and leadership skills needed to direct PDCA (Plan, Do, Check/Validate and Act) projects, map processes and redesign them to improve efficiency and outcomes using Six Sigma methodology
  • Onsite baseline evaluations were conducted by our consultants to establish a baseline assessment in quality and safety
  • Projects to improve medication management using Six Sigma methodology were implemented at each site
  • Innovative practices included an online portal for reporting of adverse events by staff and patients
  • Validation visits were conducted to confirm the results and information reported by the healthcare professionals

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