Improve healthcare quality and ensure patient safety

Country: People´s Republic of China
Client: Chinese Hospital Association
Date: 2012-2014
Status: Complete

Project Description

A 2 year project (2012-2014) in partnership with the Chinese Hospital Association through a grant from Baxter (China) Investment Co., Ltd. The Chinese Hospital Association selected 6 Tier-3 hospitals representing the best acute care general and military hospitals in China for the project. Following the successful conclusion of the initial 2 years, it was extended as a new one year project to an additional 36 Tier-2 hospitals.

The project included educational seminars, consulting, virtual support and validation visits to each of the hospitals.

  • Each hospital selected one of the following topics as a clinical process Improvement project: Hospital Acquired Infections, Safe Medication Management or Safe IV Fluid Therapy.
  • Standardized project planning tools, Six Sigma methodologies and standards developed specifically for the project were deployed in all of the hospitals by a Master Black Belt in Healthcare Six Sigma and other consultants to ensure consistency in project design, support data collection and process re-design.
  • In addition to an onsite Chinese Project Manager, hospitals received ongoing consulting and scheduled virtual support from our consultants which allowed the participants to address issues and questions in a timely manner.

What We Did

Optimizing workflow to improve medication safety of venous infusion project resulted in significant differences in pre and post intervention risk ratio.

Link related to risk prescribing medical orders
dispensing drugs
(central pharmacy)
IV execution
Risk ratio of pre-intervention 2‰ 2.96‰ 12‰
Risk ratio of post-intervention 1‰ 2.4‰ 3.5‰
Difference ratio -50% -18.92% -70.83%

Hand hygiene compliance improvement among ICU staff demonstrated.

Group Times hands were washed Times hands were not washed Times hand washing required Hand washing compliance
Before intervention 37 38 75 51%
After intervention 32 68 100 68%

Reducing the rate of unscheduled decannulationof neonatal peripheral venous catheters.

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