SISTEC Program and Belgium Technical Cooperation (Susalud)

Country: Peru
Client: SISTEC Program
Date: 2018
Status: Complete

Project Description

Design and management of continuous improvement projects through the Lean Six  Sigma methodology

This project was for technical support of the SISTEC Program to strengthen the universal health insurance system in Peru. SISTEC is a long-term program within the national health insurance at the Ministry of Health and others involved in universal health insurance, seeking to strengthen the technical and managerial institutional capacity within the framework of promoting social participation.

A national-level project with the objective of training on tools and techniques to design and manage continuous improvement projects in the IPRESS through the Lean Six – Sigma methodology. The participants were over 250 professionals who hold position in IPRESS (Institutions providing healthcare services) in different regions of Peru and Susalud staff.

What We Did

The design of the training program had a dual purpose. In the first place, to create a theoretical learning environment in which lecturers taught participants the conceptual aspects related to the design and management of continuous improvement projects using the Lean – Six Sigma methodology in healthcare environments (Lean Health Care). In parallel, the program included practical aspects of design and management of projects for continuous improvement in the healthcare environment. For that purpose “The process of prevention of patient falls” had taken into account.

To achieve this dual propose of the project, a team of Master Black Belt instructors provided the participants with skills and techniques and enabled them to apply the tools of Lean Six Sigma methodology to plan and implement quality improvement processes.

The project was structured in the following phases:

  1. Analysis of the Essential Quality Standards evaluation of 6 hospitals
    • prepared by the Quality Supervision Team of IPRESS
  2. Development of work and training plan
    • Design of the course methodology
    • Preparation of materials
    • Training schedule
  3. Course development
    • Delivering Courses
    • Grading exams
    • Reporting of each course
    • Final reporting
  4. Design of replication
    • Enable its replication in order to train the professionals of entities who perform self-assessment of essential standards

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