Preparation for Joint Commission International Accreditation

Country: Peru, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, People´s Republic of China, Mexico…
Client: Essalud, International Medical Center, Royal Commission, Cluster, Guangzhou Women and Children’s Medical Center…
Status: Complete


Example: Joint Commission International (JCI) Accreditation preparation services for EsSalud (Social Security hospitals) including:

  • Educational seminars for staff (prior to opening facilities) on standards interpretation and application, development of policies, procedures and processes
  • Baseline assessment
  • Consulting on clinical indicator selection and implementation

Saudi Arabia

Example: International Medical Center: Technical Office Program to prepare a hospital for re-accreditation by Joint Commission International over a six month period through focused projects with measurable goals and objectives, bi-monthly onsite visits and weekly web-conferencing

Example:  Royal Commission Health Services Program of Jubail: JCI Accreditation preparation services including:

  • Educational seminar on standards interpretation and application in conjunction with baseline assessment
  • Leadership training seminar
  • Consulting on clinical indicator selection and implementation


Example: A regional Technical Office Program to support quality improvement in hospitals and outpatient clinics affiliated with the Clúster Servicios de Medicina y Odontología Cámara de Comercio de Medellín para Antioquia – The Medical and Dental Cluster of Medellin, a large urban private / public enterprise.  The program provided:

  • Educational seminars and workshops on diverse topics requested by the member healthcare organizations including:
    • Quality improvement methodology
    • Development and implementation of Programs, Policies, Procedures, and Plans
    • Engaging medical staff in quality and safety
    • Preparation for Joint Commission International
  • Onsite baseline and follow up assessments with ongoing support
  • Specialized consulting to hospitals planning and undergoing renovations and expansion

People´s Republic of China

Example: Targeted project in Guangzhou Women and Children’s Medical Center a hospital system comprised of 3 large hospitals (approximately 2000 beds total) during preparation for JCI Accreditation: Outpatient infusion clinic providing rehydration, IV infusion and antibiotic administration for ambulatory patients

  • Used Six Sigma methodology to redesign processes
  • Able to re-assign 50% of nurses to other areas of the hospital where they were needed
  • Cost savings of Antibiotics and IV fluids


Example: Simultaneous preparation for JCI Accreditation and National Certification

  • Redesigned medication management processes
  • Provided education and training for Nursing staff, Medical staff and other health workers
  • Insourcing of Director of Nursing and Director of Quality during the preparation process


QRI has collaborated in accreditation and re-accreditation preparation with dozens of prestigious private and public healthcare organizations around the world and we are proud to have achieved 100% successful accreditation with all of our clients.

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