Development of Licensing Framework for Rehabilitation Programs

Country: United Arab Emirates
Client: National Rehabilitation Centre of Abu Dhabi
Date: 2011
Status: Complete

Project Description

Development of Licensing Framework for Rehabilitation Programs

Awarded and completed a grant funded project titled “Development of Licensing Framework for Rehabilitation Programs” for the National Rehabilitation Centre of Abu Dhabi.

The project achievements:

  • Develop a special system for licensing targeted medical and treatment facilities, and propose laws and legislations regulating work thereof.
  • Define the criteria for licensing medical and treatment facilities, and specialized staff that provide healthcare services therein, each member according to his/her specialization.
  • Set the basis and procedures necessary to follow up and monitor the compliance of the targeted facilities with the set laws and regulations, and ensure conformity with the license terms and standards.

What We Did

A team of QRI experts undertook a thorough review of the existing processes and practices of the NRC and obtained knowledge and understanding of the laws and regulations that were applicable to the professionals and the areas of practice of NRC. QRI also conducted research into the applicable best practices in the licensing and regulations governing the professionals and facilities providing substance abuse treatment in the USA and in the United Kingdom.

Utilizing the information gathered through the comprehensive review, the research conducted and the expert knowledge of the consulting team; QRI submitted an in depth report to the NRC detailing recommendations by QRI for the development of systems for a Licensing Department. The report included recommendations and a detailed framework for the systems needed for the registration & licensing of individuals and facilities working in the treatment and rehabilitation of drug and alcohol addiction. The document was prepared with particular attention to the cultural needs, customs, and existing laws and regulations of the United Arab Emirates.

The project included:

  • An onsite assessment of the current program including an analysis of applicable current laws and regulations
  • Development of a Department of Approvals and organizational standards framework comprised of:
    • Scope of practice
    • Clinical, operational, management and facility standards
    • Three year development plan
    • Job descriptions
    • Code of conduct for surveyors
    • Professional credentialing criteria for each professional discipline

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